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GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Urban Battleground


Hey there! Here’s another fractal turned into a quick guide. This time the Urban Battleground fractal dungeon was presented to us. This fractal resembles the Charr invasion into Ascalon many years ago, and has the look and feel to it from a WvW map. In fact, most of the objectives…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Aquatic Ruins


Hey guys! Here’s another video on the new dungeon for GW2: Fractals of the Mist! This time we got the Aquatic Ruins fractal to explore which mainly takes place underwater, so make sure you have your aquatic weapons and skills sorted out! The fractal dungeon only features one final boss,…

Guild Wars 2 – Game Update ep.1 Wintersday – December 2012


Wintersday is comming! Let’s have a look what ArenaNet has planned for us in Guild Wars 2 for December 2012!  

Guild Wars 2 – Lost Shores november content patch information


In this video I am once again talking about the upcomming content patch for Guild Wars 2. The GW2 november content patch is said to include a new zone, The Lost Shores, with a new PVE endgame dungeon. The new dungeon in the Lost Shores is said to be really…

Guild Wars 2 – Lost Shores content patch teaser!


In this video you find the teasers ArenaNet has been leaving us around Lion’s Arch concerning the new Lost Shores content patch for november 2012. The teasers consist of posters and warning signs in Lion’s Arch in an unreadable language. People claim to have translated them, and the warnings sign…