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GW2 – Where to find the new Laurel Vendors


Hey guys! Here’s another quick video on GW2. The Flame and Frost update has introduced new items called Laurels, and these Laurels of course have their own vendors – The Laurel Vendor. In this video I was quickly show you where you can find a Laurel Vendor in Lion’s Arch….

GW2 – How to get to the Snowden’s Waypoint/Hrothgar’s Pass Point of Interest


Hey guys, Another video on a Point of Interest for Guild Wars 2 – this time in Snowden’s Drift. The PoI is located near the Snowden’s waypoint in Hrothgar’s Pass. It appears to be simple, but sadly the POI is underground. Easy once you know where to go Enjoy!

Guild Wars 2 – How to get to the Cursed Shore in/or to the Ruins of Orr


In this video I will show you how to get to the Cursed Shore in the Ruins of Orr continent for GW2 quickly and easily. Note that you cannot swim around, so you will have to cross several zones by land. This can be hard, but this video will show…

Guild Wars 2 – How to do the Jumping Puzzle Shortcut in WvW Borderlands with leap


In the video below you will see how you can do the Jumping Puzzles from the WvW borderlands quick and easy using a leap ability. I know warrior and guardian has one of these abilities. Teleports do not work, as they follow the ground and therefore teleport you into the…

Guild Wars 2 – How to get to the Vista, POI and Skillpoint north-west of Cathedral of Zephyrs


How to get to the vista, but also the POI and skillpoint north west of the cathedral of zephyrs in Malachor’s Leap for Guild Wars 2. The point of interest is called Sculptor’s end.

Guild Wars 2 – How to get into Jinx Isle in the Ruins of Orr


This video shows two ways to get into Jinx Isle in the Ruins of Orr level 80 zone. The first way is to get in through the main entrance, where the second one allows you to activate the waypoint right away and teleport straight in. Good luck on Jinx Isle…