Guild Wars 2 – Lost Shores content patch teaser!


gw2-content-patch-lost-shoresIn this video you find the teasers ArenaNet has been leaving us around Lion’s Arch concerning the new Lost Shores content patch for november 2012.
The teasers consist of posters and warning signs in Lion’s Arch in an unreadable language. People claim to have translated them, and the warnings sign on the beach for example says something about Lion’s Arch not being responsible for any lost eye patches.
Beached whales have appeared on the shores of the harbor, in addition to four new ships from an unknown source.
The most interesting part is probably the new Asure gate in the harbor which has not been activated yet. Interesting stuff probably all related to the new content patch for Guild Wars 2 concerning the Lost shore!

Looking forward to exploring the Lost Shore in GW2!

PS: There appear to be sightings of different new Lost Shores additions, but they dont seem to appear for everybody…

The posters read the following:

Avast! Ahoy all ye landlubbers!

The hardworking members of the consortium are proud to announce the upcoming unveiling of your dream vacation! coming soon we will open the gate – the asura gate – connecting Lion’s Arch to a veritable tropical paradise of magnificent proportions!

swim in the radiant waters*!

relax on the beach*!

dance the night away*!

Prepare to hoist your jolly roger and to embark on a most majestic adventure with your favorite band of salty dogs!

*Towels not included.

The consortium cannot be held responsible for aquatic-related and rhythmic-related injuries(or other injuries related to misadventure or otherwise general buffoonery). Our medical staff will be on-call to happily ignore your needs should they inevitable arise.

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