Guild Wars 2 – Lost Shores november content patch information


gw2-lost-shores-content-patch-novemberIn this video I am once again talking about the upcomming content patch for Guild Wars 2. The GW2 november content patch is said to include a new zone, The Lost Shores, with a new PVE endgame dungeon.

The new dungeon in the Lost Shores is said to be really big and gets progressivly harder the further you get in there. With this increasing difficulty comes increasingly valuable loot. Very interesting stuff!

Another major point of interest is the Guild Wars 2 World changing event that will happen on the weekend of November the 16th. In this event permanent changes will be made to the GW2 world and the new island, the Lost Shores, will be opened for exploration. This event will feature a storyline which is continued on the Lost Shores itself. Don’t miss it if you want to make the most of this upcomming content patch, the lost shores, and guild wars 2 in general!

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