Guild Wars 2 – State of the game ep.2


GW2 State of the game

GW2 State of the game

It has been quite some time since I last uploaded a video, so it was about time for me to launch GW2 again. I read a lot of interesting stuff about private SPVP servers, WVW rankings etc. Sadly, what I found after applying all the updates and logging into the game wasn’t what I was hoping for. I found myself with an immediate sense of boredom. I decided I had to get over that and start exploring the world once again. I first checked if some of my old friends were online. Sadly, only 4 guildies were online. I decided to go WVW, where pretty much the entire map was under the control of one server, which wasn’t ours. I decided it was time to take some towers back, but helas – the zerg consisted of only about 8 players, where the enemy zerg was in the 20-30 man size. There was no way they would let us get a single tower.

It appeared not only WVW was abandoned but the entire server was quite empty. Our biggest and most active guilds left the server or left GW2 completely and nothing replaced them.

Although ArenaNet absolutely is going into the right direction with their updates, it all seems a bit ‘too little, too late’. A lot of players already left once the boredom struck in the endgame. Once a player has left it becomes a big step to return.

I think pretty much the only thing that can save GW2 is either a major overhaul of the endgame, or/and a big expansion pack. If the content they are slowly releasing now was in the game when the first players hit lvl 80, they would probably still be grinding their WVW ranks, or playing on their private SPVP servers, or maybe just got to the point of boredom – but a quick new patch would fix that.

Is it too late for GW2?
Are you still playing the game? If so, why?
If not, why not and what are you playing now?

Im thinking about either using this channel or openening a new channel on game-video’s. Not just GW2 anymore. Is that something you would be interested in? Any advice? Please let me know in the comments!


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