Guild Wars 2 – How to make exotics and gold using the Mystic Forge


gw2-mystic-forge-exotics-createOr better yet – how NOT to make exotics or gold using the mystic forge in Guild Wars 2.
After some Karma farming I ended up with 3 yellows and 36 greens and decided to not vendor them for 65s but instead throw them in the Mystic Forge to see if I could make some gold or create some Exotic equipment.

After a dissapointing Mystic Forge loose-fest I lost about 50 silver and ended up with only 2 yellows and 2 greens remaining. No exotics were created and my results were very dissapointing.

If you have any knowledge on how to boost chances of creating Excotic weapons or armor using the Mystic Forge, please share the information in the comments below. I will continue to experiment with the Mystic Forge and my results will be uploaded soon!

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