GW2 Game Update ep.3 – Fractals of the Mist changes january 2013!


Hey Guys! ArenaNet has released more information about an upcomming update for January 2013 concerning the Fractals of the Mist dungeon hub for Guild Wars 2. As most of you already know, the Fractals of the Mist is a dungeon hub made of multiple smaller mini-dungeon, or Fractals. It appears…

GW2 Game Update ep.2 Wintersday Update 2012


Hey guys! ArenaNet has released new information about the big upcomming event for Guild Wars 2: Wintersday. There has been talk about Toymaker Tixx visiting every major city in Tyria, and what you can do while visiting him. Other information includes the new sub-events for this Wintersday Event in GW2,…

GW2 – How to do the Fractals of the Mists – Swampland Fractal


Hey guys! Another Fractal dungeon guide is uploaded! This time the Swampland fractal, part of the Fractals of the Mist dungeons for GW2 came up. This fractal dungeon can be very annoying the first few times you try it, or when you go with a bad PUG group, but once…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Uncategorized Fractal


Hey guys! Another Fractal of the Mist dungeon guide for GW2! This time, we enter the Uncategorized Fractal, which is in fact an easy jumping puzzle for most of the time. Besides from some simple trash you have three bosses, which are all rather simple. No worries there! I hope…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – The Solid Ocean


In this video the fractal Solid Ocean is done. This fractal is part of the Fractals of the Mist dungeon which was released with the Lost Shores patch for GW2. The Solid Ocean is a sort of final boss encounter after you have done three consecutive fractals and are ready…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Cliffside Fractal


In this video I will discuss the Cliffside Fractal which is part of the bigger and new dungeon ‘Fractals of the Mist’ in GW2. This dungeon heavilly focusses on a mechanic involving a hammer which will debuff you when you carry it. Once you get too many stacks of that…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Urban Battleground


Hey there! Here’s another fractal turned into a quick guide. This time the Urban Battleground fractal dungeon was presented to us. This fractal resembles the Charr invasion into Ascalon many years ago, and has the look and feel to it from a WvW map. In fact, most of the objectives…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Aquatic Ruins


Hey guys! Here’s another video on the new dungeon for GW2: Fractals of the Mist! This time we got the Aquatic Ruins fractal to explore which mainly takes place underwater, so make sure you have your aquatic weapons and skills sorted out! The fractal dungeon only features one final boss,…

GW2 – How to do Fractals of the Mists – Snowblind Fractal


Hey guys! In this instance we encountered the Snowblind fractal, a mini-dungeon heavily focusing on cold vs heat. Running too far off into the snow will give you a cold debuff which gets heavier over time, giving you bigger dots, eventually killing you. Standing near fire solves this problem. The…

Guild Wars 2 – Game Update ep.1 Wintersday – December 2012


Wintersday is comming! Let’s have a look what ArenaNet has planned for us in Guild Wars 2 for December 2012!