Guild Wars 2 – How to get to the Cursed Shore in/or to the Ruins of Orr


GW2-ruins-of-orr-cursed-shoreIn this video I will show you how to get to the Cursed Shore in the Ruins of Orr continent for GW2 quickly and easily. Note that you cannot swim around, so you will have to cross several zones by land. This can be hard, but this video will show you how to get to the portals connecting the zones quickly.

I would suggest you just either slowly kill of mobs one by one and explore each zone first or get a group up to do that to get the most enjoyment out of this endgame content. If you just want to rush to the Cursed Shore through Malchor’s Leap and the Straights of Devestation to start grinding/farming karma and gold you can do that with the path provided in this video.

Good luck!

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