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Guild Wars 2 – How to make or lose money trading dyes


In the video below you will see how I make another attempt at making money using the Trading Post. This time I decided to buy unidentified dyes and sell them for a profit. I did not make any gold in this particular video, because I used all dyes for my…

Guild Wars 2 – How to farm Karma 2


Here’s how to farm karma in the ruins of Orr, cursed shore for Guild Wars 2. This video is an addition to my previous Karma farming video which can be found here:¬†Farm Karma for Guild Wars 2 Combine both Karma farming techniques and you will be able to rake in…

Guild Wars 2 – How to farm Karma and XP in PVE zone Orr, Cursed shore level 80


In this video you will see some good locations to quickly farm karma in the level 80 end-game area Cursed Shore in the Ruins of Orr. In this area six random events quickly spawn after each other, each awarding you with 18k xp and about 400 Karma. This way you…