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Guild Wars 2 – State of the game ep.2


It has been quite some time since I last uploaded a video, so it was about time for me to launch GW2 again. I read a lot of interesting stuff about private SPVP servers, WVW rankings etc. Sadly, what I found after applying all the updates and logging into the…

GW2 – Where to find the new Laurel Vendors


Hey guys! Here’s another quick video on GW2. The Flame and Frost update has introduced new items called Laurels, and these Laurels of course have their own vendors – The Laurel Vendor. In this video I was quickly show you where you can find a Laurel Vendor in Lion’s Arch….

GW2 – Game Update IV – Flame and Frost January update


Hey guys! Quick update here! ArenaNet has released a little bit of information about the new upcomming patch for January 2013 for Guild Wars 2, which is called Flame & Frost. We have talked about this update before, and it was believed that Arenanet was going to fix how the…